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A Bit of Background 

In 2019 Mahika Mishra Foundation was founded with a mission to give voice to children. Mahika realised that world over, children do not have voting rights or say in any decision making process. All decisions impacting children are taken by adults, most often, without consulting the children.
Mahika Mishra Foundation runs Letters for Change, an initiative to get children from all over the world to write letters on issues that concern them. Issues that they think can make their lives better. Issues for which they have solutions. Children will write letters to Letters for Change. And, Mahika's team at Letters for Change will read each letter, scan it, and send the hard copy to the right recipient. These letters will be delivered in hundreds and thousands. Letters for Change brings the power of numbers to the voices of children.


Enable children to voice their concerns and bring about change

One Letter at a Time

Bringing children's concerns to notice of relevant authorities

Thousands of Letters at a Time



Mumbai Girl Gives Anand Mahindra An Idea To Curb Honking. His Reply...


Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

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Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Mahika Mishra Foundation an even better Non-Profit Organization than it already is. We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Write to


Become a contributor

Hi Children! You can contribute in multiple ways. Start with writing a letter to Letters for Change on a issue that is close to your heart.

You can become a Letters for Change Ambassador in your school. Write an email to to know more about it. 


Key People

Enabling Change

Mahika Mishra


Mahika is 12 years old. She loves to write letters on issues that concern her. She is a traveller, having backpacked with her sister and grandma to the west coast of the USA. Mahika loves road trips. She has been on multiple 3000 km long drives across India with her dad. She has played Hockey for the school team. She loves pop music and is a fan of Taylor Swift. An avid reader, her favourite book is Hunger Games.

Dushyant Mishra


Dushyant is a dreamer, story teller. He is a traveller, who has driven around most of India. He helps Mahika run Letters for Change. With him, he brings more than 2 decades of experience across domains as diverse as life insurance, recycling, sports and travel.



The Answers You Need

Who can write a letter to Letters for Change?

Anyone under the age of 18 can write a letter to Letters for Change.

Where should I send my letters?

You may send your letter by post to:

Letters for Change

PO Box 9075,

Goregaon (E) PO,

Mumbai – 400063


How do I know that my letter has been received by Letters for Change?

Letters for Change will list your name on its website once your letter is received and scanned.

By when can I expect a reply to my letter?

Letters for Change does not guarantee replies from the recipients. If your letter raises a pertinent issue and has a plausible solution, you may get a response from the receiver.

How do I know that my letter has been received by the intended recipient?

All letters received by Letters for Change are sent to the intended recipient. Letters are bundled to create an impact of numbers.

What does Letters for Change do after they get my letter?

Children managing Letters for Change read your letter. These letters are scanned and catalogued. The original hardcopies are bundled with other letters and despatched to the intended recipient.

Who will read the letter I write?

Children managing Letters for Change read your letter. They are supported by adults to manage letters that may have issues that need special attention. Letters for Change despatches the letters to intended recipients, where the recipients read your letters.

How would change come through letters?

Change always starts from one person. Children who write letters could trigger a change. Letters for Change treats every letter as an opportunity for change. Your letter could be the one to trigger next big change.

I have more than one issue. Can I write more than one letter?

Yes, you can write more than one letter. In fact, you can write as many letters as you feel like. Every time you see an issue, and you have a solution for it, please write a letter to Letters for Change.

How can children contribute to Letters for Change?

Children can contribute in multiple ways:

     - you can ask your friends to write letters on issues that concern them

     - you can become a Letters for Change Ambassador in your school and get your schoolmates to write letters. Trust me, it is a very cool thing to be a Letters for Change Ambassador. Click here to know more.

How can adults contribute to Letters for Change?

Adults can contribute in many ways:

- you can spread the word among your friends and get their children to write letters.

- you can encourage your children to take initiative and be leaders in their own way by becoming a Letters for Change Ambassador in their school. Click here to know more.

     - You can contribute financially to Letters for Change. Click here to contribute.

Why should I write to Letters for Change and not directly to the intended recipient?

Letters for Change brings the power of many. We agree that one voice is powerful but we believe that many voices create a bigger impact. When you write to Letters for Change, your letter goes to the intended recipient in a sack full of hundreds of letters that raise a similar issue.

Can I send an email instead?

Yes you can. But letters written on paper have a bigger impact. They stand out. Letters can be delivered in sacks and that shows the size of concern children have.


Mahika Mishra Foundation

PO Box 9075
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Mumbai - 400063



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