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A Bit of Background 

In 2019 Mahika Mishra Foundation was founded with a mission to give voice to children. Mahika realised that world over, children do not have voting rights or say in any decision making process. All decisions impacting children are taken by adults, most often, without consulting the children.
Mahika Mishra Foundation runs Letters for Change, an initiative to get children from all over the world to write letters on issues that concern them. Issues that they think can make their lives better. Issues for which they have solutions. Children will write letters to Letters for Change. And, Mahika's team at Letters for Change will read each letter, scan it, and send the hard copy to the right recipient. These letters will be delivered in hundreds and thousands. Letters for Change brings the power of numbers to the voices of children.


Enable children to voice their concerns and bring about change

One Letter at a Time

Bringing children's concerns to notice of relevant authorities

Thousands of Letters at a Time



Mumbai Girl Gives Anand Mahindra An Idea To Curb Honking. His Reply...


Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

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Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Mahika Mishra Foundation an even better Non-Profit Organization than it already is. We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Write to


Become a contributor

Hi Children! You can contribute in multiple ways. Start with writing a letter to Letters for Change on a issue that is close to your heart.

You can become a Letters for Change Ambassador in your school. Write an email to to know more about it. 


Key People

Enabling Change

Mahika Mishra


Mahika is 12 years old. She loves to write letters on issues that concern her. She is a traveller, having backpacked with her sister and grandma to the west coast of the USA. Mahika loves road trips. She has been on multiple 3000 km long drives across India with her dad. She has played Hockey for the school team. She loves pop music and is a fan of Taylor Swift. An avid reader, her favourite book is Hunger Games.

Dushyant Mishra


Dushyant is a dreamer, story teller. He is a traveller, who has driven around most of India. He helps Mahika run Letters for Change. With him, he brings more than 2 decades of experience across domains as diverse as life insurance, recycling, sports and travel.



The Answers You Need


Mahika Mishra Foundation

PO Box 9075
Goregaon (E) PO,
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  1. What is MMF? 

Mahika Mishra Foundation (MMF) is registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013. It is a non-profit organization working on amplifying children's voices. 


  1. What is the mission of the Mahika Mishra Foundation? 

To amplify children's voices and inspire change. 


  1. What is the vision of the Mahika Mishra Foundation? 

To create a world where every child can speak up. 


  1. How is Letters For Change different from other organizations?

Letters For Change is set up by a 12-year-old and is completely run by students. So it is essentially an organization by children for children.


  1. What change does Letters For Change bring? 

Letters For Change brings two kinds of changes. 

  1. External - Where the letters received inspire change in society and systems around us. 

  2. Internal - Where the children become confident in speaking up on issues that they think can change their lives.


6. Why should a child write a letter? 

Children are people too. And they get affected by things around them. We encourage them to share their concerns and ideas through letters. 


7. Why can adults not write to Letters For Change?

Adults have voting rights. They are free to choose. Children aren't. Decisions for children are taken by adults. Letters For Change is a platform for children to express their concerns and opinions.




  1. What will happen to my letter once it reaches you?

Your letter will be read by somebody at Letters For Change. They will hide any sensitive information that can help anyone identify you as an individual. Then the letter will be displayed on the website. 


2. How long will it take for my letter to reach the right person after you receive it?

We will display the letter on the website and inform the concerned party to come and see the letter.


3. Can my letter consist of more than one topic?

Yes, you can write a letter on more than one issue that concern you.


4.What topic can I write my letter on? 

We request children to write letters on issues that they think can change their lives. If they have a solution, that's even better. 


5.Do you share sample letters? 

No, we don't share sample letters. We don't give specific topics. Or templates for letters. 


6.Do you accept E-mail or WhatsApp messages as letters? 

No, we only accept handwritten letters for display on the website. 


7.Can I draw in my letter? 

Yes, you are free to choose your way of expression as long as it is on paper. 


8.What is the minimum age of a child to write letters? 

Any child (under 18 years of age) may write a letter to Letters For Change. 


9.What if the child reports a crime or abuse? 

We do not display such letters on the website. We follow the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights guidelines on sensitive letters received from children. 


10.What if a child writes against an individual or an institution maligning their reputation? 

Letters targeted towards an individual or an institution with an objective of maligning them are not displayed on our website. 


11.Is parental consent required for a child to write a letter? 

The law of the country doesn't require a parent or guardian's consent for a child to write a letter. So a child is free to write a letter on its own. 


12.Do I have to mention my name in the letter? Or can I keep it a secret?

You are free to write a letter with or without your name. We at Letters For Change ensure that your identity is not revealed to anyone. 


13.How do you maintain data secrecy? 

We use some of the best technology solutions to maintain data security at all times. 


14.How does the intended recipient get my letter? 

Letters For Change has a mechanism where it informs the recipient about your letter. And they can then read it. 




1.What is the scope of Friendraising? 


We at Letters for Change don't raise funds. Yes, you read it right. We raise friends instead. Friends who contribute small amounts of money regularly for long periods of time. This way they become a part of our journey. And we remain on our toes, as we don't want to lose any friends. 


2.Does my donation qualify for Section 80G tax benefits? 

No, currently we don't have the 80G certificate to pass the tax benefit to our donors. The certificate is applied for. We should have it soon. 


3.Will I get a receipt for the donation I make? 

Yes, you will receive a receipt for each donation you make.


4. What are the minimum and maximum amounts of donation?

The minimum donation amount is Rs 100 per month. There is no upper limit on the donation.


GET INVOLVED: Partnership-


1.How will Letters For Change help in my organization’s growth?

We will be sharing and insights periodically that we get from the letters with NGOs that we partner with.


2.What are the benefits for the organizations partnering with Letters For Change? 

All organizations that partner with us end up creating meaningful learning opportunities for children associated with them. This strengthens their bond with the children. In the process, brilliant ideas come out. We also get to know how children see the world around them. 


3.What does partner with us (for organizations) mean? 

We are open to partnerships with all kinds of organizations, viz. Schools, NGOs, Corporates, etc. The partnerships help to create meaningful learning opportunities for children.


GET INVOLVED: Internship-


1.Who is eligible for an internship? 

Anyone who wants to learn is eligible for an internship. We recommend the applicants be at least 15 years of age. We have suitable learning opportunities for people of all ages and experience.


2.Why should I intern at Letters For Change? 

Letters for change is a student-run initiative. It gives you a learning opportunity where you get to be responsible for running the organization. 


3.How will Letters For Change help in my growth?


Letters For Change gives you an opportunity to be responsible for various functions of the organization. That's the most real learning one can get. 


4.What are the perks during the internship? 

Immense learning

Meeting exciting people

and Lots of fun


5.How many hours do I have to work daily? 

We don't track daily hours put in by the interns. We expect them to put 15 to 20 hours a week. 


GET INVOLVED: volunteer-


1.Who can volunteer? 

Anyone can volunteer with Letters For Change. 


2.How can a volunteer help Letters For Change? 

At the beginning of the volunteering engagement, the volunteer and Letters For Change agree upon a specific deliverable in a given time frame. The deliverable can be in any domain, viz. Getting letters, Friendraising, building partnerships with organizations, helping to get more interns, content design, graphic design, etc. 


3.What is the duration of volunteering? 

Volunteering engagement is not duration based. It is task-based. The volunteer gets to decide a reasonable duration for accomplishing the task. 


4.How is volunteering different from an internship? 

Internships are more structured in terms of projects and time engagement. Interns get a certificate of completion, certificate of appreciation, or letter of recommendation depending on their performance. 

Volunteers are task-based engagement and can be of any duration. From a week to a few years or even a lifetime. Volunteers encourage us by believing in our mission. 

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