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We encourage children to write a letter on an issue that they think can change their lives.

YOU can make a difference! Your generosity will make sure that the voices of children are heard by the right people.

For every donation you make, we bring you the best of both worlds! You contribute in making a positive influence along with reaping tax benefits.

What is Letters for Change?

Letters for Change (LFC) is an initiative by children for children.

It is a movement that aims to create a world where every child can speak up!

LFC is an entirely student run campaign that helps children to build confidence to express themselves through hand-written letters.

With our inclusive culture we aspire to create a safe space where children are free to communicate their ideas and opinions without any fear.

Origin of LFC

The beginning of LFC takes us back to the March of 2019. 12-year-old Mahika Mishra wrote a letter to Mr. Anand Mahindra. The letter expressed her concern over noise pollution. Mr. Anand Mahindra tweeted this letter. His tweet compelled the world to take notice of the original ideas shared by Mahika.  Every news site covered it and lauded the suggestion presented by her.

All this made Mahika realize that indeed, a letter does make a difference! She asked herself, ” if one letter could create a difference then what if every child like her wrote a letter?”

The answer to the above question led to the origin of LFC. A platform that encourages children to change their lives, one letter at a time.


Read the letters to know what children think about various issues which impact their lives.
Impactful Letters

Letters received under LFC hold the potential to bring change in the society. They are capable of impacting the world.

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The way we work

We at Letters for Change are guided by 4 cornerstones!
Only hand-written letters are encouraged.
Children are free to write on any topic they want.
Children have the freedom to use any format they like.
A No-Competition environment among children is promoted.

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