Mahika Mishra Foundation (MMF) is registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013. It is a non-profit organization working on amplifying children's voices under its flagship initiative Letters for Change.
To create a world where every child can speak up.
To amplify children's voices and inspire change.
Letters For Change is set up by a 12-year-old and is completely run by students. So it is essentially an initiative by children for children.
Letters For Change brings two kinds of changes. External - Where the letters received inspire change in society and systems around us. Internal - Where the children become confident in speaking up on issues that they think can change their lives.
Children are people too. And they get affected by things around them. We encourage them to share their concerns and ideas through letters.
Unlike children, adults have certain rights through which they can speak up for themselves. In most cases, the decisions and choices that have to be made by children are made by adults on their behalf. Hence, LFC focuses on children to not only help them speak up but also enhance a sense of confidence in them.
Your letter will be read by somebody at Letters for Change. They will hide any sensitive information that can help anyone identify you as an individual. Then the letter will be displayed on the website.
Your letter will be displayed on our website once we receive it. We will also inform the concerned party to read the letter.
Yes, every child has the complete freedom to write on one or more than one issue.
We request children to write letters on issues that they think can change their lives. If they have a solution, that's even better.
We don't share sample letters or give any specific topic or template as we believe that letters can relate to any issue or have any format which the writer likes.
We only accept handwritten letters for displaying on the website.
Yes, you are free to choose your way of expression as long as it is on paper.
Any child (under 18 years of age) may write a letter to Letters for Change.
We do not display such letters on the website. We follow the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights guidelines on sensitive letters received from children.
Letters targeted towards an individual or an institution with an objective of maligning them are not displayed on our website.
The law of the country doesn't require a parent or guardian's consent for a child to write a letter. So a child is free to write a letter on their own.
You are free to write a letter with or without your name. We at Letters for Change ensure that your identity is not revealed to anyone.
We use some of the best technology solutions to maintain data security at all times.
Letters for Change has a mechanism where it informs the recipient about your letter. And they can then read it on the website. More importantly, a lot of other people get to read your letter and are inspired to change.
We at Letters for Change don't raise funds. Yes, you read it right. We raise friends instead. Friends who contribute small amounts of money regularly for long periods of time. This way they become a part of our journey. And we remain on our toes, as we don't want to lose any friends.
Yes, your donation will qualify for the Section 80G tax benefits/deductions.
Yes, you will receive a receipt for each donation you make.
The minimum donation amount is Rs 100 per month. There is no upper limit on the donation.
Yes, you can donate monthly. Your recurring donations make a lifelong impact. When you give monthly, you join our initiative that is committed to creating change that lasts.
By partnering with you, we will be sharing our best practices and insights periodically that we get with the letters from the NGOs and Schools that we partner with.
All organizations that partner with us end up creating meaningful learning opportunities for children associated with them. This strengthens their bond with the children. In the process, brilliant ideas come out. We also get to know how children see the world around them.
We are open to partnerships with all kinds of organizations, viz., schools, NGOs, corporates, etc.  
Anyone who wants to learn is eligible for an internship. We recommend the applicants be at least 15 years of age. Students from all streams and courses can apply. We have suitable learning opportunities for people of all ages and experiences.
Letters for change is a student-run initiative. Interning with us will provide you with immense learning opportunities. You will get a chance to do things you have never done before. You will get a chance to learn how to run an organization. We prepare you to step into the corporate world.
Letters for Change allows you to be responsible for various functions of the organization. You get to make decisions for the welfare of the organization. That's the most real learning one can get.
You get access to a variety of tasks and departments. You get a chance to help guide your career goals. You also get to learn how a company gets leaders rather than just learning about it in the abstract.
An intern has to put in a minimum of two hours daily. The timings are flexible. You are not expected to work in one stretch. It is mainly about achieving your objectives and not how many hours you put in a day.
Anyone from any organization can volunteer at Letters for Change.
At the beginning of the volunteering engagement, the volunteer and Letters for Change agree upon a specific deliverable in a given time frame. The deliverable can be in any domain, viz. getting letters, friendraising, building partnerships with organizations, helping to get more interns, content design, graphic design, etc. You will be guiding the interns at Letters for Change by giving them insights from your experience.
Volunteering engagement is not duration based. It is task-based. The volunteer gets to decide a reasonable duration for accomplishing the task. It can be a week, a few years or even a lifetime.  
Internships are more structured in terms of projects and time engagement. Volunteers encourage us and our interns by believing in our mission and by also helping us in achieving them.  

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