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– A school which organised a letter writing event.

Lets ensure that every child has the confidence to speak up.

But, where to start?

Organizations like yours and LFC together can nurture expressive adults by organizing letter-writing events. Book an event now by clicking the link below or WhatsApp us at 8928199682

All Events

Event with DLF Public School
22 October, 2022

Mahika Mishra Foundation had conducted a session with DLF public school where children learnt about MMF. The session turned very interesting after children started actively participating in some fun games and raised questions related to the letters which they were very happy to write.

Event with Udaan Foundation
12 November, 2022

Mahika Mishra Foundation visited the Udaan Foundation for a fun activity and awareness session. The enthusiasm that children carried throughout the event was mesmerizing.

St. Jude India Childcare Centre
12 November, 2022

We at Mahika Mishra Foundation had conducted a fun learning online event with St. Jude childcare center and felt more than happy with the kind of enthusiasm they showed towards learning about our foundation.

Event with SAMPARC

Letters for change had successfully executed yet another fun session with SAMPARC (Social Action for Manpower Creation). The session turned out to be very interactive. Along with bringing in awareness about LFC, we could also conduct a few fun activities to know more about every child.

Letters Recieved