Your Opportunity to work for a Novel Cause!

Children from across the country could use the help of people like YOU in becoming a better version of themselves. Yes, you will get your certificates. But what if you receive more than that? Not a bad deal, we would say. Keep reading to find out!

Why Intern?

Interning here will assure you immense learning, a chance to meet new people from different domains and endless fun. Get ready to take on the world.

Dare to be a Change Maker?

Hey, are you looking for an internship that offers you real life learning opportunities, a chance to connect with interesting people along with having fun? You are at the right place. You will enhance your professional skills along with working towards a social cause. So, why wait? Intern here to give a boost to your abilities and of course, your CV.

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18 August, 2022
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23 September, 2022

Your skills are valuable to us

We believe that each one of you has immense capabilities. So, we invite you to offer your skills to help us bring changes in the lives of children. We need people who can contribute with their knowledge in Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Sales, and every other skill required to run an organisation. Come join us on this exciting journey!

Why Volunteer?

Remember all those times when you wanted to say something but were hushed by your elders? It stung, didn’t it? You can make sure that this never happens with any child ever again. Your involvement can empower children. Come join hands with us to bring a change in the society.

Stay tuned for our hiring announcement!


Till then, contribute by volunteering with us!

Letters Recieved

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