The Crisis of Humanity: A Reflection on the State of the World

In this poignant reflection, Sambit Sarkar, a student in Class X, explores the lack of humanity prevalent in today’s world. The author attributes the current global suffering, including the COVID-19 pandemic, to human activities. Sambit highlights the historical mistreatment of women, the discrimination faced by people of different skin colors, and the establishment of caste systems, religious divisions, and racism as examples of humanity’s failure to respect one another. The author observes a growing greed among people, leading to conflicts and wars throughout history. Despite progress and civilization, Sambit observes a disturbing trend of intolerance towards others’ success and a disregard for values like trust, love, and loyalty. The central problem identified is the lack of humanity in human interactions. Sambit concludes with a hopeful wish for God’s blessings to restore humanity and bring harmony to the beautiful world we inhabit.

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