The Abortion Debate: Balancing Bodily Autonomy and the Right to Life

Aagoon Chakraborty, a student in Class 11, delves into the highly contentious issue of abortion, which revolves around the clash between pro-choice and pro-life viewpoints. The author highlights the fundamental question of bodily autonomy and a person’s right to terminate a pregnancy. The pro-choice stance emphasizes individual freedom and bodily autonomy, backed by scientific reasons such as fetal deformity that poses a risk to the mother’s health. On the other hand, the pro-life perspective argues that life begins at conception, equating abortion with murder and advocating for government intervention to protect the unborn child. Aagoon acknowledges that shallow reasons for abortion, such as preserving appearance or evading responsibility, should not be tolerated, but emphasizes the need for laws that consider genuine reasons for abortion and take strict action against those who harm individuals seeking abortions. The author calls for spreading awareness to challenge age-old irrational beliefs and highlights the complexity of the decision to terminate a pregnancy, recognizing that it involves the relinquishment of motherhood.

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