Overcoming Caste Discrimination: Rebuilding Friendship on the Path of Acceptance

The author shares a personal experience of caste discrimination affecting their friendship with their best friend, Nandini. In eighth grade, the class was asked to bring photocopies of their caste certificates, leading to the revelation of the author’s scheduled caste background and Nandini’s khateek caste. Nandini, influenced by someone’s negative comment about Valmikis, decided to end their friendship based on caste differences, leaving the author feeling hurt and isolated. The author expresses their disappointment in the persistence of caste discrimination in society, as well as discrimination based on gender, color, race, and religion. However, after some time, Nandini approaches the author with an apology, and they decide to rebuild their friendship. The author emphasizes the importance of seeing everyone as equals and urges society to move towards a more inclusive and accepting future, free from discrimination.

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