Empowering Every Individual: Cleanliness as a Human Right

In this heartfelt letter dated January 29, 2022, Parth Deedwaniya, a conscientious student from Welham Boys’ School, addresses the Mahika Mishra Foundation on the crucial topic of cleanliness and sanitation. Parth underscores the significance of cleanliness as a fundamental human right and commends the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He calls for collective efforts to elevate India to the status of a ‘Swatch Bharat’. Parth advocates for a shift in mentality, urging individuals to extend their cleanliness efforts beyond their homes to include public spaces, especially considering the 1.8 million homeless individuals in India. He proposes a multi-faceted approach, including personal responsibility, community action, and advocacy at the administrative level. Parth’s impassioned plea envisions a cleaner, greener India for all its citizens.

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