Concerns Regarding Reduced Syllabus Disparity for JEE Preparation

In this letter addressed to the Education Minister, Aryan, an 11th-grade student preparing for JEE 2022, expresses concerns regarding the reduced syllabus implemented by CBSE due to the pandemic. While Aryan understands the challenges faced by schools in teaching the reduced syllabus, he highlights the disparity that arises when the syllabus for JEE remains unchanged. This situation forces students like Aryan to seek additional resources to cover the full JEE syllabus, which may not be accessible to all students. Aryan kindly requests the Education Minister to consider this issue and take appropriate steps to address the disparity, ensuring equal opportunities for all JEE aspirants. The letter reflects the concerns of students who are affected by the discrepancy between the CBSE syllabus and the requirements for competitive exams like JEE.

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