Caring for Earth’s Helpless Creatures: Niketa Chaudhary’s Concerns

In “Caring for Earth’s Helpless Creatures: Niketa Chaudhary’s Concerns,” Niketa reflects on the unique privilege of Earth as the sole habitat for life as we know it. She draws attention to the plight of numerous helpless creatures, particularly cows and other animals, struggling to find sustenance. Sadly, they receive meager assistance, leading to hunger and deprivation. These creatures lack even a basic shelter to shield them from the harsh winter nights. Niketa extends her compassion to smaller animals like puppies and dogs, who face a similar plight of neglect. Her poignant reflection urges us to recognize our shared responsibility in caring for all beings on this planet, emphasizing the importance of providing food, shelter, and compassion for the vulnerable creatures that coexist with us.

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