What will happen to my letter once it reaches you?

Your letter will be read by somebody at Letters for Change. They will hide any sensitive information that can help anyone identify you as an individual. Then the letter will be displayed on the website.

How long will it take for my letter to reach the right person after you receive it?

We will display the letter on the website and inform the concerned party to come and see the letter.

Can my letter consist of more than one topic?

Yes, you may write a letter on more than one issue that concern you.

What topic can I write my letter on?

We request children to write letters on issues that they think can change their lives. If they have a solution, that’s even better.

Do you share sample letters?

We don’t share sample letters. We don’t give specific topics. Or templates for letters.

Do you accept E-mail or WhatsApp messages as letters?

We only accept handwritten letters for displaying on the website.

Can I draw in my letter?

Yes, you are free to choose your way of expression as long as it is on paper.

What is the minimum age of a child to write letters?

Any child (under 18 years of age) may write a letter to Letters for Change.

What if the child reports a crime or abuse?

We do not display such letters on the website. We follow the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights guidelines on sensitive letters received from children.

What if a child writes against an individual or an institution maligning their reputation?

Letters targeted towards an individual or an institution with an objective of maligning them are not displayed on our website.

Letters Recieved

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