Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer with Letters for Change.

How can a volunteer help Letters for Change?

At the beginning of the volunteering engagement, the volunteer and Letters for Change agree upon a specific deliverable in a given time frame. The deliverable can be in any domain, viz. getting letters, Friendraising, building partnerships with organizations, helping to get more interns, content design, graphic design, etc.

What is the duration of volunteering?

Volunteering engagement is not duration based. It is task-based. The volunteer gets to decide a reasonable duration for accomplishing the task.


How is volunteering different from an internship?

Internships are more structured in terms of projects and time engagement. Interns get a certificate of completion, certificate of appreciation, or letter of recommendation depending on their performance.
Volunteers are task-based engagement and can be of any duration. From a week to a few years or even a lifetime. Volunteers encourage us by believing in our mission.


Letters Recieved

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