Who can volunteer?

Anyone from any organization can volunteer at Letters for Change.

How can a volunteer help Letters for Change?

We believe everyone has something valuable to offer. That’s why we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to match your interests and availability:

Share your skills – Put your expertise in marketing, finance, or another area to use.

Flexible commitment – Volunteer for a set amount of time that works for you.

Event participation – Join us for a specific event and make a focused impact.

What is the duration of volunteering?

Volunteering engagement is not duration based. The volunteer gets to decide a reasonable duration for accomplishing the task. It can be a week, a few years or even a lifetime.


How is volunteering different from an internship?

Internships are structured programs with defined projects and set hours. Volunteering is about donating your time and energy to a cause you care about. It’s more flexible and driven by your desire to help, not necessarily by gaining experience.

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