Who is eligible for an internship?

Anyone who wants to learn is eligible for an internship. We recommend the applicants be at least 15 years of age. We have suitable learning opportunities for people of all ages and experience.

Why should I intern at Letters for Change?

Letters for change is a student-run initiative. It gives you a learning opportunity where you get to be responsible for running the organization.

How will Letters for Change help in my growth?

Letters For Change gives you an opportunity to be responsible for various functions of the organization. That’s the most real learning one can get.

What are the perks during the internship?

Immense learning
Meeting exciting people
and Lots of fun

How many hours do I have to work daily?

We don’t track daily hours put in by the interns. We expect them to put in a minimum 10 hours a week.

Letters Recieved

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