What is Mahika Mishra Foundation?

Mahika Mishra Foundation (MMF) is registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013. It is a non-profit organization working on amplifying children’s voices under its flagship initiative Letters for Change.

What is the mission of the Mahika Mishra Foundation?

To amplify children’s voices and inspire change.

What is the vision of the Mahika Mishra Foundation?

To create a world where every child can speak up.

How is Letters For Change different from other initiative?

Letters For Change is set up by a 12-year-old and is completely run by students. So it is essentially an initiative by children for children.

What change does Letters For Change bring?

Letters For Change brings two kinds of changes.
External – Where the letters received inspire change in society and systems around us.
Internal – Where the children become confident in speaking up on issues that they think can change their lives.

Why should a child write a letter?

Children are people too. And they get affected by things around them. We encourage them to share their concerns and ideas through letters.

Why can adults not write to Letters For Change?

Adults have voting rights. They are free to choose. Children aren’t. Decisions for children are taken by adults. Letters For Change is a platform for children to express their concerns and opinions.

Letters Recieved

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